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"Hi beeg anal Mum just ringing to say everything's fine and I'll be home in an hour or beegcom so -- just having breakfast! Thierry's not finished his yet." he pushed Thierry's mouth further down on to his cock. "I guess I'll be back in the late afternoon Mum - a few of the bruthas from Nubian High coming over here. We promised to introduce them to Thierry." That's the end of this episode. Let me know whether you want Thierry or Jamey next! Comments to philip_effiong yahoo Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 08:11:36 -0700 (PDT) From: porn beeg pat roberts Subject: Ebony High Episode 21 Ebony High 21 Thierry the Houseboy You will, dear reader, remember beeg sex that earlier xnxx beeg in this series, Adebayo (Bayo) had applied to have Thierry as their family Houseboy, on one of the school's Racial Retraining Programmes for Pod tube beeg Whites. This episode, back in the beegcom city and away from the ranch, details how this assignment developed. In view of the time lag it www beeg.com would be as well to read беег episodes 2 and 3 beeg 4k to refresh your memory of Adebayo's family, before reading on..... Adebayo's application for Thierry to be employed as a Houseboy at their home for weekends and short beeg vids vacations beeg porche was quickly approved by David Mtala. Adebayo had the full support of his parents in this who signed the agreement with Thierry's mother only after beeg.c she beeg.c had been beeq.com fucked deep and hard by Bayo and his Dad. It was agreed that, as payment for her son, she would go on being serviced by them, and/or beegxxx their friends during the next three months. Assured of site beeg.com beeg regular large and enthusiastic black cock she was beeg sex video more than happy that www beeg.com her son beeg.c should beeg gesetz be their houseboy. 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We think though she will want you to help in the kitchen for dinner, and serving at the table, and shopping on the weekends. So we put all that in your job description." "Push your ass up Boy, don't be so fuckin lazy!! That's better!!" He shoved in so that Thierry felt curly black pubic hair against his shaved white hole, and then fucked the boy hard from side to side. "Dad wants you to help Innocent in the garden -- more for the heavy work, which young Innocent beeg tube complains is too much for him. You take beeg mp4 instructions from Innocent for that, and he is keen to beeg hot get to know you better in the potting shed. The garden's quite secluded so you will do all garden work naked unless Innocent directs otherwise. Adebayo thrust his dick in harder. 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Normally though they will come beeg video to my room to have you." He gave Thierry half a dozen sharp thrusts of his cock, lifting the whiteboy's ass high to beeg hot get maximum penetration. "You eat with us, except when Dad has his friends over, when you eat in the kitchen, and just come out to serve." He fucked him harder and thrust to the sides of the white ass, making Thierry moan. "When you are in the house you will be naked at all times even when we have guests, unless I tell you otherwise. Sometimes I will give you a loincloth beeg teen to wear. Outside, beeg porn videos shopping for example, you wear a pair of your old Pod shorts and Pod t-shirt." "You taking all beeg xvideos this in, T-Boy?" "Yes Bayo Sir!! But I thought it would be more like before Sir, you know the Houseboy thing just being a bit of a joke? "Its no joke beeg jepang T-Boy, you goin to get used, worked, abused ,ridden, free porn beeg and fucked like never before at our place. That's the whole idea. The boys are dying to start you off next weekend. Anyway you knew that. You aren't stupid, Boy." "Another thing, Dad says discipline sessions will be as and when needed ,after dinner, but with the main session on Sunday afternoons when Uncle LeRoy will be there to help out. Oh, and Dad wants to know what you prefer -- martinet, whip, belt, cane, paddle, or plain spanking with the hand? beeg 4k "The hand or paddle is better for me , Bayo Sir; the cane leaves welts on me, Sir" "I've never thrashed you Boy, and really want to, and I'm going xnxx beeg to beeg gesetz use the martinet, so Dad promised me that for next Sunday" "But I haven't done anything wrong, Sir!!" beeg beeg "We'll see about that Boy, https //beeg.com the fact is your white boy ass needs whipping to keep it in good working order, and we need some sort of ceremony to mark your beginning as our Houseboy" He pounded Thierry's ass and was clearly getting near a climax. 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You gonna have to put out beeg.com chairs for the spectators in the afternoon, cos we 've invited a few boys from the neighbourhood in to watch. * beeh * * * * * * * Ali and Temba had invited four boys to come, but only two in fact arrived. Tunji and Gugile invited the two older teenagers from next door. With Uncle Le Roy and Bayo's beeg teen Mum and Dad, and Dad's two work buddies, that made more than a dozen chairs needed for Thierry's black audience, and he had beeg moms to carry more down from upstairs beegxxx for the youngsters who arrived late, bee with Temba. Doing all of this Thierry was already naked save for beeg poto a tiny loincloth, which did little to beeg com. beeg coom hide his half-erect cock, and left beeg porn his tattoos showing as he carried the chairs, much to the delight of the watching blacks. Bayo, when he was fucking her, had got Thierry's mum to bake cakes for the event, and Thierry had brought them over last night. Bayo free beeg ordered him, near-naked as he was, to serve them to guests, with soft drinks. This is like my podding beeg porno all over again, Thierry thought. беег The neighbours laughed , made lewd remarks, and new black boy's hands were lifting his loincloth and groping his cock and balls or fondling his naked white butt. porn beeg The two next door neighbours, Zulu boys of 16 or 17, had him beeg porno suck them off and finger fucked his ass after pulling him beeg vids into the downstairs toilet, and then had him hd beeg lick their fingers beeg videos clean. Thierry was still sore from the fucking he had received in the morning from beeg xnxx Bayo and his brothers and cousins. And he knew that after the whipping he had four strong adult blacks who were going to fuck him in the evening. Bayo had told him that one of them, Kwame, had a huge black Ghanaian cock -- beeg.con Bayo thought about 10 inches or more. The boys put some Africa House www beeg com music on as guests took their beeg.con seats and Adebayo, carrying the martinet, led Thierry out beeg x to the front. He was told to strip off the loincloth, and was bent over a table his beag.com legs spread -- his white tattoed ass on full view of the appreciative audience. Bayo first let his hand wander down the white boy's crack, opening it for all to see. He tickled the boy's white balls, and pulled beeg video on the cock beeg. com to appreciative beeg movies catcalls from the watching boys. The first lash took everyone, including Thierry, by surprise. Thierry howled, and everyone else clapped and cheered. Excited beeg xxx young black boys grabbed at their cocks inside their jeans or shorts, as beeg hot a second lash hit the white boy's butt full on. At the sixth lash, Bayo's Mum said it was enough, beeeg and everyone was a bit disappointed; beeg anal but Bayo knew he had to keep his mum on side, and took a little bow to applause. She left at that point, telling Thierry to come to the kitchen when they had finished with him. Thierry was left beeg tubes bending over the table, as boys came up to examine his butt, and the rest of him, at close quarters. They formed an excited little group around him, discussing him and poking him like he was a prize animal. Then Bayo told him to stop just lying sex beeg there, and get up to serve more drinks. His loincloth long gone, and his whiteboy's ass striped with its recent lashing, he moved around the beeg hindi garage offering coke, orange and lemonade to the giggling, laughing group of black boys and men.......... * * * * * * * At 8.00am the next morning, after an evening of hard fucking by the .beeg men of the house, Thierry began his duties. He was pushed suddenly out of beeg porn beegxx Bayo's bed after he had sucked his master off, and told to go and make coffee. Naked, he went downstairs to find Bayo's Mum already there. She greeted him with a kiss beeg on the cheek and made not a single reference beeg milf to his experiences the afternoon and evening before, his nakedness, or the stripes on his butt. She showed beeg lesbian him how to make coffee the way Bayo liked it, how to do hot chocolate for Ali and Themba, and make tea for Gugile and Tunji. When he was ready to take it all up to their rooms she told him not to forget his morning uniform, which Bayo had laid out on the kitchen table the night before. "I thought I had to be naked?" said Thierry. " Not if Bayo decides on a few little changes!" She helped him with the black bow tie as he put on the long white socks, and then she tied the .beeg red ribbon in a bow around his teen beeg white cock and balls. www.beeg.com The little black www.beeg.com loincloth, which also lay there, she said, was for beeg sex use only when he served beeg come breakfast beeg coom at the table. She smiled as she looked at him; as he reddened in beeg mom embarrassment, and his cock hardened as she looked him over. "There, the boys will like you this morning!" she said. "I don't expect beeg.com/ Bayo told beegs them that you would be coming with their morning tea and coffee like this! She stroked his butt and lifted the cock and balls to take a closer look, pulling the foreskin back, until beeg.coom Thierry was afraid he would shoot right there on the kitchen floor..... "Well then off you go and serve the boys!!........ Let me know what you think? Sorry for the long delay! beeg hd Looking forward to your e mail. philip_effiong yahoo beeg-com Date: Fri, xxxbeeg 25 Jun 2010 10:36:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Floyd Fowler Subject: Ebony X Ivory pt.2 This story involves sexual acts of an adult nature. If you are not old enough to legally view such material in your area then you are legally obligated to get site beeg.com beeg off this page. If you are NOT too young to read erotica... Enjoy This story involves an interracial relationship of a homosexual nature between two consenting men. Both men beeg sexxn are 18 years old and in high school. If such material offends you (or if it's not the type of story you're looking for) feel free to leave. The Ebony X Ivory stor